When will show a new Ford Focus

When will show a new Ford Focus

            The Ford Focus 2019

Ford Focus 2019 [

The Romanian office of Ford showed the video of the fourth-generation Focus hatchback and named the model's debut date. The premiere will be held at a special event in Europe on April 10, 2018.

According to the publication of Autoevolution, the assembly of the new Ford Focus will be arranged in Germany. There will also be cars in the body of the station wagon.

The engine range of the model will include gasoline turbo-motors of the EcoBoost family with a volume of one and a half liters, as well as 1.5 and 2-liter EcoBlue diesel engines. The aggregates will be combined with mechanics or an 8-band "automatic".

The top-end complete sets Ford Focus will receive:

  • wireless charging for smartphones;
  • projection display;
  • the electric drive of a door of a luggage carrier;
  • panoramic roof;
  • Bang & Olufsen audio system.

In Ukraine Ford Focus is included in the rating of the most economical cars.




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