Hyundai is preparing an unusual electric car | CarDiagram

Hyundai is preparing an unusual electric car | CarDiagram




In March, at the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai stand should have an unusual "exhibit" – an electric buggy model called Kite. The project is overseen by the European division of the Korean brand and the European Design Institute in Turin.

The direct authors of the project are students from different countries, such as China, India, Italy, Mexico, Great Britain and South Korea.

Nothing is known about the technical characteristics of Kite. Looking at the teaser, we can conclude that we will see a double car without a roof, a windshield and doors.


The most popular Hyundai in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the most popular model of the Korean brand – Hyundai Tucson. The crossover enters at once in two ratings:

"Parketnik" offer a choice with one of four engines. The range of units includes two petrol and two diesel engines. "Engine" can work in tandem with "mechanics", "automatic" or "robot."

Ukrainian prices for Tucson start from $ 22,600.

Specifications Hyundai Tucson

Fuel petrol petrol diesel diesel
The volume of the engine, liters 1.6 2 1,7 2
Power, hp 177 155 115 185
The twisting moment, Nanometer 260 190 280 400
The expense of fuel, l / 100 km
city 7.7 7.9 4.7 5.3
route 6.5 6.1 4.2 4,5
middle 9.6 10.7 5.7 6.7
The volume of the trunk, l 513
Clearance, mm 182 172 182 172




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