"Zaporozhets" turned into an off-road car | CarDiagram

"Zaporozhets" turned into an off-road car | CarDiagram


ZAZ 968


In Ukraine they sell an unusual "Zaporozhets". In Lviv, ZAZ 968 was put up for sale, it was converted into an off-road vehicle, "Autocenter" reports.

The car of 1991 of release. The mileage is 150,000 kilometers. As the owner points out, the modified car is intended for "hunting and fishing."

The car is equipped with a 1.2-liter engine from VAZ 2103 with a capacity of 42 horsepower and a front beam from the Volga. Almost all the elements of the running gear are completely new. Replacement is subject only to external rear tires (rear wheels are double) and "some other little things."

Also off-road ZAZ can boast:

  • extended wheel arches;
  • footsteps;
  • "kenguryatnikom"
  • a luggage carrier on the roof;
  • additional lighting.

The price of an off-road car is about 40 000 hryvnia

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