When the first electric car Skoda

When the first electric car Skoda


The Skoda Vision E Concept


Skoda took seriously the development of electric models. Representatives of the company assure: by 2025 in the line of the brand will appear five electric cars. The first will be a serial version of the concept Vision E.

Skoda Vision E is a prototype of an electric crossover. In mass production it is promised to launch in 2020. The conceptual version of the electric vehicle is equipped with two motors, which together give out about 300 horsepower.

At one battery charge, the serial Vision E will be able to travel about 500 kilometers, which is comparable to the performance of the Tesla Model X, which is included in the top 10 electric vehicles by power reserve.

The most "long-range" serial electric vehicle for today is the Tesla Model S. An electric car equipped with a 100 kWh battery can travel about 600 kilometers without recharging.

What electric vehicles can be bought in Ukraine – see this link.




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