Ukrainians pulled on Audi

Ukrainians pulled on Audi


Audi Q7



Ukrainians have become much more likely to buy Audi cars. This is evidenced by the statistics of sales of new cars.

If you look at the top 20 popular brands of cars in Ukraine, you will see: in 2017, German brand indicators grew by almost 70%. The company almost managed to catch up with its main competitors – BMW and Mercedes.

Audi sales in Ukraine rose sharply late last year. The Germans decided to sell cars that were involved in the "diesel" scandal. In this connection, the Ukrainian representative office of the manufacturer offered some models at low prices.

What cars Ukrainians often bought in 2017 – look at this link.


The most popular brand of cars in Ukraine last year was Toyota. For a year, the Japanese managed to increase sales by almost a quarter. The most popular models of the brand were the crossover Toyota RAV4 and the sedan Toyota Corolla.

But the best seller of the Ukrainian car market in 2017 is Kia Sportage. For the second year in a row, the Korean SUV has headed the top ten most popular cars in the country.

It is also the best-selling crossover on the Ukrainian market.

The most popular car of Ukraine 2017

Fuel gasoline gasoline diesel diesel
The volume of the engine, literals 1.6 2 1,7 2
Power, hp 132 155 115 185
The twisting moment, Nanometer 160 192 260 400
The expense of fuel, l / 100 km
the city of 8.6 10.9 5.7 7.9
route 5.6 6.1 4.2 5.3
medium 6.7 1.9 4.7 6.3
The volume of the trunk, l 503
Clearance, mm 182




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