The Japanese will teach cars to read thoughts

The Japanese will teach cars to read thoughts




Nissan is working on Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) – a technology that will allow the machine to drive the power of thought. The development will be demonstrated already in 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Exhibition CES, which will be held in Las Vegas on January 9-12.

The work of the system will be demonstrated on a special car simulator. As they say in the Nissan, it will allow you to get more pleasure from driving.

With the help of a special device, which the driver will need to wear on his head, the electronics will be able to recognize in advance what action the person will perform in the near future, and also help him in this.


In 0.03 seconds the system will understand, for example, in which direction the driver wants to turn the steering wheel, he wants to accelerate or slow down. According to these data, electronic assistants will be able to prepare in advance for the desired action and execute it faster.

For example, such a technology will allow to reduce the speed of reaction in case of emergency braking and a sudden detour.

According to Nissan, electronics, having received "prompts", will be able to perform the desired action by 0.2-0.5 seconds faster than the person.

In addition, B2V will help improve autopilot systems. Electronics will understand that a person feels, for example, the discomfort of a trip, and will change his driving style and reconfigure all modes of traffic in the right way.




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