In Europe, "die out" diesel engines

In Europe, "die out" diesel engines


Demand for diesel in Europe is falling


The largest car manufacturers are turning off sales of diesel cars in Europe. The refusal of aggregates on "heavy" fuel in the European market was declared by two giants of the world auto industry.

One of them is Nissan. The decision to stop the European sales of diesel cars is due to a drop in demand, according to the Automotive News.

Buyers in Europe are relinquishing diesel engines due to the fear of imposing high taxes, as well as the forthcoming bans on the operation of diesel cars in big cities.

Sources at Nissan stressed that they will focus on the production of cars with hybrid and electric power plants.

Toyota is going to refuse diesel units in Europe. Representatives of the company said that by the end of 2018 they will almost completely stop the sale of passenger diesel cars to Europeans.

Since 2019 Toyota will leave only diesel modifications of the Land Cruiser SUV, the Hilux pickup, and the light commercial vehicle Proace in the European market.

It is expected that in the future, after the "Nissan" and "Toyota" will follow other Japanese companies.




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