Four reasons to visit the "Autocenter at the Metropolitan" when buying a car

Four reasons to visit the "Autocenter at the Metropolitan" when buying a car


Buying a new car, in the end, always comes down to one important question: how to choose the right car dealership that will offer the best conditions? Most automotive brands in Ukraine have dozens of representative offices. Therefore, sometimes it's not easy to decide.

If you encounter a similar problem, we suggest you visit the "Autocenter at the Capital". And here are four reasons why it should be done.

Large selection of cars

"Autocentre" is a multi-brand dealership center. This means that in its territory there are a lot of car brands. Here you can find models for any pocket: from budget CZAZ to luxury Maserati.

Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time on visits to the many salons of different brands. "Autocenter at Stolichniy" makes it possible to compare prices for dozens of cars in one place.

You can get acquainted with the assortment of cars on the official website of the company:

The car does not have to wait long

One of the problems with buying a car is its availability in the dealer's warehouse. It happens that the car you like is simply not available. As a result: the machine has to wait for months.

In "AutoCenter" the probability that you will encounter such a problem is minimal. The fact that this dealer center is part of the structure of UkrAvto, the largest automobile corporation in Ukraine, which manages hundreds of dealerships throughout the country. And this significantly increases the chances of finding the right model in the shortest possible time.

Experienced specialists

"Autocenter at Stolichniy" – one of the leaders of the automobile market of Ukraine. The company has been operating for more than 15 years, which enabled him to accumulate a wealth of experience in the sale and maintenance of cars.

Here you will always be served quickly and efficiently.

A wide range of services

In the "Autocentre at Stolichnoye" you can not only buy a new car or undergo maintenance. The set of services of the company includes:

  • crediting;
  • insurance;
  • conducting test drives;
  • trade-in;
  • tuning;
  • sale of spare parts.

Also in "Autocentre" there is a loyalty program for regular customers. And on the company's website you will find a lot of useful "chips". For example, two calculators: credit and insurance. On a separate page, you can calculate the cost of registering a car.

The site allows you to make a 3D tour of the showrooms.




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