BMW surrenders its position in Ukraine

BMW surrenders its position in Ukraine



BMW in Ukraine is losing customers. According to CarDiagram, for the four months of 2018, sales of the German brand fell almost twofold.

In January-April 2017, Ukrainians bought almost a thousand BMW cars. This year for the same period – only 576 cars.

Sales of "boomers" in Ukraine are falling for the third month in a row. The company, once the leader in the premium segment, has already lost to its two main competitors – Audi and Mercedes. Yes, and Lexus comes on the heels of the Bavarians.

The most popular car brand in Ukraine this year is Audi. For four months of 2018, the company sold almost one and a half thousand cars (about three times more than BMW).

The high demand for Audi cars is easy to explain: the company sells discount diesel models that were "rejected" in the US

What brands of cars Ukrainians often buy in 2018 – see this link.

Sales of BMW to Ukraine

Month Sold, items Dynamics,%
2017 2018
January 131 147 12.2
February 225 102 -54.7
March 350 176 -49.7
April 286 151 -47.2

Data: Ukrautoprom.




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