How could an Audi pickup look like

How could an Audi pickup look like

The idea of ​​pickup on the basis of a premium car does not give rest to many designers. Indeed, it is interesting to imagine how the truck would fit into the lineup of such manufacturers as Audi and BMW, which never produced anything like that.

Actively on this subject, the Estonian designer Rain Prisk also dreams. Earlier this year, he presented his version of a pickup truck based on the BMW X5. What came of it, you can see by following this link .

And this time Prisk “mocked” the Audi Q7. The artist dorisovat German cross-over cargo compartment and “increased” ground clearance.

It should be noted that Audi representatives have never voiced plans, to dilute their model range with a pickup truck. Although their competitors from Mercedes have already decided on this step – last year was presented luxury truck Mercedes X-Class, which you can see at this link .

“Mercedes” did not develop a pick-up truck from scratch. The basis for the X-Class was the well-known Japanese truck Nissan Navara. In the same way could go to Audi. Moreover, the company is part of the Volkswagen concern, in the model range of which is the famous Amarok.

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