As Volkswagen Touareg sees at night

As Volkswagen Touareg sees at night


Night Vision


Volkswagen spoke about the night vision system, which was first received by Touareg SUV of the new generation. The technology allows you to "see" at night objects at a distance of up to 130 meters.

The system called Night Vision consists of a thermal imager installed in the front of the machine. It can detect the infrared radiation of living creatures – pedestrians, cyclists and large animals – at a distance of at least 10 meters from the car.

Besides this, the system is capable of anticipating the trajectory of the movement of people.

In the event of a hit or probable hit in the "security corridor" set by the system, a visual warning is displayed on the digital instrument panel. Outside the corridor, objects are highlighted in yellow, in case of danger, in red.

Switching to the thermal imager mode occurs automatically when objects are detected at speeds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the system transfers the brakes to the "combat" mode.

In addition to the night vision system, you can order a matrix LED head optics. When traveling at speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour, it briefly highlights pedestrians in potentially hazardous areas.

In Ukraine, the most popular all-terrain vehicle of the German brand is Volkswagen Tiguan. The crossover is in the top-10 bestsellers of the country.




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