The Chinese presented the "killer" Tesla Model X

The Chinese presented the "killer" Tesla Model X


Byton Crossover Concept

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It looks like Tesla Model X has serious problems. The Chinese presented their version of the premium electric crossover, which has similar technical characteristics. At the same time, it costs almost twice as much.

It's about the Crossover Concept – the concept of an electric crossover from the Chinese Byton. The prototype debuted in the US at the CES Electronics Show.

As representatives of the company assure, on one charge the electromobile can pass about 400 kilometers. With this indicator, the concept will be able to get into the top 10 electric vehicles by the power reserve.

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80% of the battery can be charged in half an hour

One of the features of the Crossover Concept – the prototype does not have rear-view mirrors. Instead, cameras are installed from which information is transmitted to the monitor.

Also, the Chinese promise that the car will be equipped with an autopilot.


The salon of the novelty is equipped with a huge 49-inch touch screen for the entire width of the instrument panel. Another display is mounted directly on the handlebar. True, as the device will get along with the airbag, it is unclear.

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Byton Crossover Concept

Representatives of Byton promise: Crossover Concept will be launched in mass production in 2019 .

The estimated cost of an electric vehicle is $ 45,000, which is much cheaper than the Tesla Model X, which starts at $ 80,000.

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